As a Certified Integral Coach and HR Consultant, I bring over 25 years of experience and passion to help people and organizations grow and develop to realize their full potential.  I draw deeply from the well of many traditions and cultures, mostly directly from Judaism and Buddhism.

I was raised in New York in a family that treasured education and growth and I learned from both my parents, who were engaged in work that they loved.  I moved to California in my 20’s with a pioneering spirit about my life direction and wanting to chart my own course in an environment that was open to new ideas and possibilities.  I worked as an elementary and pre-school teacher and then went into corporate training throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and Mexico. I have worked in several companies in the for-profit and non-profit world, and have led my own consulting company for the past 8 years.  I get tremendous satisfaction helping someone find their own path and have been witness to many people’s changes and inspirations from our work together.  I enjoy working in the intuitive, creative realm by using music, poetry, collage art and imagery to uncover beauty and new perspectives and pathways to development.  I believe that we are all a work in progress and that change and choices are always accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why I studied to be a certified Integral Coach?

I worked to become certified as an Integral Coach because I love working with people helping them to see new possibilities and finding an opening to take new actions and seeing tangible results in their lives. I know on a deep level that I am on this earth to be a coach and help people realize their full potential.

2. What did you learn in your Coaching program (2008-2009)?

When I started the program in 2008, year was open to learning new techniques and concepts. What was a surprise and delight was how much the program, practices and theory has landed firmly in my body. I felt profound changes in the way I hold my body and how I enter situations more powerfully in every aspect of my life. I worked with a question of the year, which for me is showing up as a powerful person. My new narrative was presented to me was to see myself as a strong and powerfully present Knight. I printed out several images drawings from Medieval times, and it is an ever idea generating model for me. I put the image in a frame on my desk at work and look at it before entering a challenging situation.  This new narrative and experience of increased power gives me a practical example to use my own process to help form a program and coach people through their own process.

3. What do you bring to the discipline of coaching?

I bring to the discipline of coaching people includes working in the field of Human Resources for 22 years; working with all levels of employees in organizations. As part of this experience, I was a Corporate Trainer for 10 years; teaching negotiation skills, career planning, sales and management skills, organizational development and coaching. I’ve worked formally and informally with hundreds of people to coach them in business and with their personal lives.  I look beyond their current “narrative” and “stories” to discover their essential self that is looking for ways to come alive and work toward the joy of feeling whole and complete.

I bring a deep caring for people and want to find ways to connect that transcends talking only in their current narrative. I’m starting to see the essence of each person more clearly and feel able to co-create new narratives with them. I’m learning how to stay centered and powerful in my own body while connecting deeply with another person. I have been told that I am able to hold another person in a protective, loving and caring embrace when I coach them, without melting into them.

I use focused conversations, deep listening, poetry, music, mythic images, and expressive art projects to inspire and encourage new ways of seeing your life and your relationships with others in the world.  We co-create a coaching program that pushes your limits within an integrated approach that gets exponentially greater results.

4. What you intend to accomplish with clients?

I believe that life can be an amazingly satisfying and joyful experience for each and every one of us; every day of our lives.  I want to work with people to explore ways that to start on a path of deep exploration that can set their heart and mind on fire and inspire them to find new ways to live a gratifying life. I will work in ways that resonate with people’s dreams and aspirations and set concrete plans in place to help them step by step.

I’m open and curious to see how each coaching program will develop. I feel inspired and “on fire” with what I’ve learned and the positive effect I’ve had with people. I want to do more with it as it energizes and excites me. This is what I tell other people to notice in their life: what gets you excited, what you think about when you’re day dreaming? For me, one answer is thinking of ways to help the people I’m coaching and to find new ways to work with them.

I extend my hand to pull you out of your “stuck” places, and to see beyond your “blind spots” so that you can climb to a new vista point and see the vast potential all around.

5. What’s unique about my approach and experience?

I have been in business situations where I notice how people work together and what works and what impedes development and growth. I have learned to give specific direct feedback to people about behavior and make suggestions for things they can do to improve communication and meet their business goals. People tell me that I often notice things they didn’t: as I look at what people say, body language, tone, style and many factors. I’m always interested in what makes people “tick” and what they are really trying to express.  I bring a willingness to be told that I’m off base, which I’m not seeing clearly, not I’m not getting it; and still stay open and ready to change my viewpoint. I’m ready to learn and find new ways to be even more powerful and present with myself and for other people.

I use humor and lightness to help create a relaxed atmosphere on neutral ground where we can plant seeds together that can be harvested after nurturing the soil of change with the heat and light of our intentions and practices.

I intend to be a source of inspiration, inquiry, information and a co-creator of life journeys.