Business and Integral Coaching

I work with clients to improve their performance and satisfaction at work and/or in your personal life.  In a business setting, I focus on how you can become a more effective leader and to bring your best to work each day.

The techniques I use include an Integral approach with the understanding that it’s in the nature of human beings to become who we are through our practices: the purposeful actions we repeat every day.  I believe that we are how we are, not simply  because of how we think about something, but because of the way we bring ourselves repeatedly to action.

What we do in this way shapes our bodies and our whole way of being in the world.

The first step in the process:

Intake: a process to assess your own status and a measuring tool to see your progress at the conclusion of our coaching.  You complete the form and we discuss where you are at this moment in time, and what areas you’d like to develop and strengthen.

Develop a Program: a plan that includes self-observations and practices that will support you to reach the outcome you seek.  We look at how you currently structure your life and environment and build new paths through these observations and practices that get you from here to there. An integrated approach includes talking about your work life and personal life; including your exercise and eating habits, and how you set up your home environment.

Coaching: We use coaching sessions to hear about your progress, listen for what is holding you back and getting in your way.  The program is adjusted as needed along the way.  These coaching conversations are dynamic and alive with possibilities.  Typically, a coaching program will be for 3-6 months so we can develop and reinforce new habits and practices.

An example of an exercise we can work on together is to make a list to “design your life.”  My list included: Making a difference in other people’s lives, finding connection every day, letting go of judgment, trying something new and challenging, creating meaning and beauty, knowing what’s good for me, looking for wonder and exploring as much as planning and scheduling.

What Is Integral Coaching?