Jacqueline Rotman, Executive Director at SparkSF; Founder/Board Chair at Everybody Dance Now!  

Working with Steve has been incredibly valuable – and also extremely fulfilling and enjoyable. Steve has incredible gifts for listening, empathizing, and seeing the full picture with interpersonal and/or organizational dynamics from many people’s viewpoints. Steve is skilled with building positive work cultures, setting in place HR systems that set organizations up for success (e.g. compensation reviews, performance reviews, effective hiring processes), taking a strengths-based approach to employee development, facilitating positive and constructive communication among people, and much more. When it comes to working with Steve individually as a coach, Steve has helped me grow so much as a person and a leader. He tunes in very well to my needs and emotions, and he cares deeply about growth and happiness of each person he works with. He has served as a wonderful sounding board and advisor for how I can be more effective in communication and management to serve others and an organization at large, and also in meeting my own needs. Working with Steve is such a gift – he will bring more clarity, growth, and positivity to anyone he works with. I always leave a conversation with Steve feeling happy and also having a greater sense of clarity and wise, nuanced, positive direction about any situation, thanks for Steve’s wise, experienced perspectives and his impeccable listening skills.

Amanda Brock, Director of Programs & Strategic Partnerships at SparkSF

Steve is my professional guru. Steve is so knowledgeable about everything related to human behavior and human relations in the workforce, and really in life in general. He is an expert in his field, training others how to navigate their career, especially with young professionals considering career shifts or moving into a leadership position. He has really helped me find my legs as a leader, gave me the courage to advocate for myself when needed most, and has taught me how to navigate really tough daily communications within a work setting and long-term career decisions. I can’t recommend Steve highly enough as a career coach or human relations executive. You would be lucky to work with him. 

Ryan Rigoli, Certified Coach, studied with Steve at New Ventures West

“It’s my pleasure to recommend Steve Leibman as an Integral Coach! I have first-hand experience of Steve’s rare ability to incorporate exquisite sensitivity and humor to help others take themselves more lightly. His use of the Arts to enrich his clients’ experience has been a wonderful role model to me! Steve’s unique blend of life experience and professional HR expertise set him apart as a coach. He draws from a depth of experience in supporting CEO’s and top executives from the not for profit sector as well as the private sector. Steve is a talented, caring and resourceful coach whose heartfelt love for his fellow human being moves him to deliver beyond expectations, every time! All who have the good fortune to be coached by Steve will experience their lives enriched and transformed as a result of his coaching. I recommend him unreservedly! Deborah Rossouw – Fellow Integral Coach – Vancouver, BC, Canada.”

Deborah Rossouw, Speaker, Integral Coach, Deborah Rossouw.com, studied with Steve at New Ventures West

“Over the past several years, Astron Solutions has worked with Steve on numerous occasions as he helps achieve the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco’s compensation philosophy objectives. As a seasoned HR professional, Steve welcomes guidance and resources to assist his ability to attract, retain and reward top talent. Steve offers invaluable expertise and supports our team at every step in the process, ensuring all necessary information is available to provide the best results. All research and data are reviewed with a keen eye and insightful questions are asked. He demonstrates in depth understanding of broad HR processes and the internal dynamics of his organization relative to the external market and community. It is always a pleasure to work with such a genuine person and creative HR leader. We look forward to working with Steve in the future and recognize his efforts in the continued success of the SFJCF.”

Francine GiocondoSenior Statistical Analyst, Astron Solutions

“Steve is a talented, extremely capable leader. Steve is remarkable in
that he possesses both deep expertise in HR issues (including
recruiting, hiring, compensation and career development for employees)
and a broader skill-set around management, business strategy and
organizational development. Steve is motivated by a deep personal
commitment to creating effective, healthy organizations and great
places to work.

At JCF, he developed and managed all HR functions for a large and
complex organization, hired over 80% of the staff, served as a key
counselor to all executives, and led the way in making significant
improvements to our workplace culture. On top of all that, Steve is
funny, easy to work with, and extremely personable. He’s a great
manager, facilitator, thinking partner and coach. Having Steve on your
team is a gift.”

Tara Sophia MohrExecutive Coach

“I greatly value Steve for the novel perspective he brings to his role as CHRO and to the HR community. He adapts best practices from both the corporate and non-profit sectors to manage complex organizations with insight, expertise, perseverance and grace. For the past few years, he has been a compelling panelist for the HR Leadership Program I run at the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University. He is a thoughtful leader, a skillful coach, a natural educator and a trusted colleague. I am delighted to write a recommendation for Steve.”

Deborah SaksPresident, 1 Source Consulting Solutions

“I highly recommend Steve as an Integral Coach. Steve has helped me in my life and career goals. He found creative ways to help me think outside the box about what I want to do in the future. He helped me to think of new ways that I could lead a more meaningful life. Steve assisted me in gaining the confidence that I needed to go out and hold informational interviews, meet perspective employers and network with those who share my interests.”

Reuben Greenwald, hired Steve as a Career Coach

“I highly recommend Steve. Steve believes in helping those he works with in every way possible so they succeed. He is extremely professional and has helped me to look at things in ways that guided me through my personal life and professional life. Steve’s advice made me a better communicator and helped me to approach challenges in a more balanced manner. Steve is excellent with creating and maintaining relationships, as he is wonderful to work with and operates with the highest level of integrity. Additionally, Steve looks at things in a very creative yet practical way; he is very clear in being able to identify problems and find solutions. I would recommend Steve for any position because I am confident he will exceed expectations no matter where he is.”

Velma HutchinsSr. Staffing Consultant, Adecco Financial Services

“I have been fortunate enough to have known and worked with Steve for the last two years. He has been a highly reliable and professional colleague on whose experience and expertise I have relied time and time again.

Steve is creative and resourceful and I have benefited from his innovative ideas during the two years we have worked and collaborated. He has performed well as a leader when a leader was needed, and I have observed him handle a full range of responsibilities professionally, efficiently, and gracefully.

Steve’s contributions to our organization have been impressive and valuable. He has demonstrated enthusiasm, commitment, and creativity towards a variety of projects on which we have worked together.

Finally, I have been most impressed and touched with Steve’s genuine interest for well being of everyone working in the organization, and his true desire in making our work environment the best it can be.

I would highly recommend Steve for any of his future endeavors.”

Afshin Afshar, PMPChief Information Officer, Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco

“Steve has helped me to refocus my business by looking at it from a much higher level. His methodology helped me to identify and link both my personal and professional goals. He is a thoughtful and highly skilled professional with great entrepreneurial insights. Steve is fun to work with and he possesses a great deal of integrity. I always felt he kept my company’s best interests front and center.”

Jill IvieOwner Ivie Communications, hires Steve as a counselor and coaching for the past 15 years

“I worked for Steve as a Staffing Manager during one of the most competitive markets for talent. The unemployment rate in the bay area was 2%. However, under his leadership we met aggressive start up goals. One key element of our staffing success was Steve’s ability to build trust with our executive team giving him freedom to make key decisions allowing us to keep our hiring momentum. His understanding of the business helped our desperate business units work more efficiently. Another key aspect of our success in growing the company was the solid infrastructure built under Steve’s leadership. I worked for Steve for only a year, but I gained 10 years worth of knowledge as a result of his ability to bring out the best in his team. I recommend working for Steve if you want to grow while delivering results.”

Thursday CarreonStaffing Manager, Imagine Mediareported to Steve at Future Network, Formerly Imagine Media, Inc

“Steve was an excellent manager to work for. He was very focused on the output of each individual, ensuring we all met our deliverables on time, while creating a strong team oriented environment. Steve worked tirelessly in providing direction and feedback, giving each of us a chance to focus on the projects that not only benefited the company, but were opportunities to develop our skills. Steve has a unique ability to create a supportive and high quality work environment, balancing his people management skills with his business knowedge.”

Peggy ValentiTraining Developer, American President Lines, reported to Steve at International shipping company

“What I appreciate the most about Steve is his open heartedness and generosity.  I appreciate watching the outcome of your commitment to bring your power into your daily life.  I see is a wonderful creativity and sense of risk and humor coming forth.  Steve contributes a steady, kind presence and a willingness to be there for me as well as each other.  I appreciate you range of emotions: loud, soft, strong, gentle.  I enjoy to see how valued and loved that you are from others.  What you bring to the world is how you inspire others with your ability to think originally and vision new possibilities.”

Pamela Nye, Executive Director non-profit agency and Certified Coachstudied with Steve at New Ventures West  Executive Director, non-profit agency

“Thank you for walking with me through a dark period this past summer. I had both created and experienced a highly charged and traumatic experience and I felt isolated and myself-confidence was sorely shaken. Somehow, you knew when to walk beside me, push me from behind, or lead/inspire me with new thoughts.  The coaching sessions really kept me steady in a period of great organizational unrest.”

Anonymous coaching client

“It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Steve as an Integral Coach. As both a colleague and someone who has been coached by Steve, I can say personally that it is the very warmth and power of his presence that is his gift as an Integral Coach. He is as graceful and compassionate in his approach to working with you as he is insightful. When you’re with Steve you immediately feel at ease and supported. However, it is not only his caring presence that stands out but also how uniquely creative he is in developing a coaching program that is so personalized to your needs. He is incredibly skillful at helping you to see entirely new possibilities and step into a whole new way of being that helps you to be more effective in multiple domains of your life. If you have the good fortune to work with Steve you will not only benefit from the deep wisdom of his life experience and background in Human Resources, but you will also be supported by someone who deeply lives that which he offers to others.”

Anonymous coaching client

“I can’t thank you enough for always listening to me and being one of my biggest supporters. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you. You helped made it possible for me to take the next big step in my life.”